"Where you been, boy?"

A good question indeed. Around, in a non-hussy sense, is of course the answer. School and work eat up just about all of my daylight, and a fair amount of starlight too. Things are going well enough on that front. Work is work. Sales are down, but we just blame the economy and the fed on that one. Thanks guys.

Schools goes as swimmingly as ever. I pretty much make As all around, I guess I'm getting my money's worth somehow. I'm just tired of playing the student. Not that it isn't fun, but at times I feel like I'm not learning anything. Going back to school is hard not for the school itself but for having to be surrounded by a neigh ignorant horde of youth. Without whining too much, i'll say that it vexes the spirit. One more year....

On the music front, things are great! The radio show lives on Friday evenings, midnight until 2am. Much fun. The band goes well indeed. We have been playing some small shows around SoCal, and are working on plans for a few shows up the coast next month. Word of this will be spread. We will also be going into the studio next month to record at least 6 songs so that we can release a few split EPs with a few tracks in reserve. Exciting stuff, really. There have also been other, non Desperate Hours, rumblings from the Thrash Den of late. More to come on that too.

As far as for me, things are alright. I've been in a bad space mentally for awhile, so I'm working on getting through all that. This time of year is always super filled with reflection and the like, making it a downer at times. But alas, I shall conquer!

So yea, good to be back of sorts. I've been peeking in from time to time to see what you all are up to, so don't feel totally neglected.

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Two down...

Sitting here at a friend's house in Portland and thought I would give a short update on things.

Rocked Oakland and Portland so far, nothing but awesomeness as far as the shows go. Last night was particularly awesome, as the show was at a friend's place and lots of people showed. Nerveskade was fucking amazing, as usual and we played really well to a more than receptive audience. After that, off the the graveyard for some drinking and hanging out. Pretty punk, I guess.

Now we are getting ready to head up to Seattle, then into Canada from there. There is some paperwork that bands a required to have in order to be able to play up there, and of course our contact up there is super elusive. Thus, we may be going across and using someone else's stuff, who knows. Worst comes to worst, we will just come back to Portland and hang out.

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this is why it's punk...

So the final word is that our ONLY show in the bay is tonight @ 818 Pine St, Oakland Ca starting around 7:30pm.

THATS TONIGHT! Sorry for the bum word, but a few venue closures made everything wonky.

So, here we go!


So I guess we are actually plaything three shows in the Bay.

Oakland on the 23rd (tomorrow!)and 24th with another show in San Francisco on the 24th as well.

Addresses are forthcoming!

In the mean time, here's our demo for those interested. It sounds pretty punk, I would say.

The West Coast Is Burning...

Or at least it will be, starting Friday. Desperate Hours (my band!) West Coast tour! Tour dates are all set, we are doing the final mix down on the recording tonight after being in the studio all day yesterday, the van is in as good of shape as it will get, and now I just need new earplugs!

Dates are as follows:
24th/Fri.- Oakland, Ca @ Ezi's w/ Cropduster
25th/Sat.- Portland, Or @ Punk as Fuck house w/ Nerveskade
26th/Sun.- Seattle, Wa @ The Mourge w/Krakatoa
27th/Mon.- Vancouver, BC @ some punk house w/ Spectres
28th/Tues.- Squamish, BC @ some punk house w/ Limb from Limb
29th/Weds.- Off/Portland
30th/Thurs.- Portland, Or @ some fest

Tell you're friends.

Ill post some of the tracks when I get the chance.
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Like Lemmings

"The problem with Live Journal is that we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. Hence, I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don’t know about you."


So, life goes well enough these days. I'm (sorta) enjoying the summer weather, and REALLY enjoying being school free for awhile longer. However, i've kept pretty busy so it doesnt seem like much of a vacation in the lay about, drink girl-drinks sense.

So what have I been up to? Lots of cleaning actually. Very very exciting. Been doing the music thing quite a bit as well, Played three shows last week, but all at the same place. (i.e. My friends' living room) We are going on tour the last two weeks of July, so watch the fuck out West Coast! Terror from Vancouver to (maybe) Mexico!

I've been practicing (very unpunk) guitar a lot more as well, trying to get some more of my metal stuff off the ground. Or rather, out of my head! Should be fun, maybe.

I was happy to spend my Midsummer/New Moon in a HOOOOOOOOOT Sauna with good friends up in the mountains. That was quite nice indeed.

Hopefully you all find yourselves well enough! May the Gods smile upon you and may you enjoy the summer!
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...been awhile, eh?

Despite rumors and plots, I yet live. School hasn't crushed me yet, despite some mighty efforts.

Now that I get a little respite, I guess I should poke my head in just to make my presence felt. It's just that after sitting on a computer all day reading and writing stuff for mah schoolins, I didn't have much in the way of time for writing anything else.

So yea, how the hell are ya?
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